What is PCM (Process Communication Model)

Created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, Ph.D., The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world’s premier tool based on human behavior. Based on a scientific, award-winning clinical discovery, it enables the user of PCM to understand how and why people communicate.

The Process Communication Model provides you with a reliable and validated method for decoding human behavior through active observation of those around you. It teaches you how to assess the communication styles and patterns of others based on their behaviors, word choices, and body language.

The Process Communication Model is highly effective across a multitude of industries and has been used by NASA, presidential campaigns, and by Fortune 500 companies. The value of PCM can be observed on both individual and organizational levels by an increase in adaptive communication skills, positive personal connections, more effective leadership, and increased operational effectiveness. For additional information or to schedule your own Personal Profile Inventory, please contact Certified PCM Trainer Sarah to schedule an assessment/consultation.

Creating Your Personality Profile

Process Communication Model assesses an individual’s personality structure by utilizing a 50 item questionnaire, which is taken online. The profile results are ready within a few days and a customized personality profile is provided during a follow up consultation, in order to learn more about your unique communication preferences, patterns, motivations, distress sequences, etc.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Identify and understand the unique behavioral structure of each individual
  • Understand the impact of life events on our motivations
  • Assess the psychological needs of her unique personality structure
  • Spot predictable patterns of distress
  • Uniquely individualize your communication with different people in order to skillfully diffuse difficult situations before tension escalates